Angel number 15

Berg Angel #15Isn’t it mind boggling and wonderful that there are so many different ways artist can portray angels as figurines. These differences were probably part of what drew Lowell and I to start collecting only angels.

Also, just looking at the intricate formed faces of the figurines can make you smile and feel good.

One of our first angels was found at Rue Royal Antiques as we wandered old New Orleans.

The shop was full of antiques of all kinds and had narrow aisles for browsing. We asked the jovial owner if she had any angel figurines. She took us to the back of the shop to a bowed glass front case full of breakable items and started reaching toward the back of the top shelf. I held my breath and put out my hands to the front of the shelf in case things started moving too far forward. She lifted out a sweet 4” porcelain angel holding an angel doll in one hand and laughingly said, “I think this angel has been there since 1947.” Judging by the clean spot left on the dusty shelf I’m sure it had indeed been there a long time.

This petite angel become number 15 on the Berg recorder keeping pages.