Angel Museum to close. Seeking an Angel for our future and collection!

A Special Letter from Joyce Berg and Patty Hansberry, President – Board of Trustees:

Dear Friends of the Angel Museum,

St. Paul on the Riverfront DBA The Angel Museum, a not for profit 501c3 corporation, is struggling. We do not have sufficient funds , memberships, corporate sponsors, or volunteers to staff and operate the museum. We are now celebrating 20 years in business, but will be unable to open and continue in 2019.

We are so appreciative for the thousands of you who have visited and supported us through the years. We extend a very loving thank you to all.

What will happen between now and the end of the this year we are not quite sure. The angels will likely have to travel.

Perhaps there are those among you that could offer a helpful solution to us. If so, please contact us soon as our closure is imminent.

Patty Hansberry
President, Board of Trustees
St. Paul on the Riverfront

Joyce Berg
Angel Lady and Collector