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Divine Collections

What do people collect? There are many popular angel knick-knacks, mementos and products that people collect such as figurines and miniatures, jewelry, statuary and greeting cards, T-shirts and sweatshirts, books, and different items for the home. Many collectors put together amazing displays on shelves, walls or tables. Others enjoy creating collages with prints and cards.

A Collection By Chance – “It’s fascinating because it didn’t start out as a collection – it happened by accident,” says Joyce Berg. She and her husband, Lowell, noticed angels in the window of an antique store at the mall, and ended up buying limited edition Italian bisque porcelain angel, which they refer to as “two cherubs on a seesaw,” and a German porcelain angel.

This was 1976, and things have snowballed since then, with 10,970 different angels now in their possession. Joyce insists that if her husband hadn’t been interested in collecting angels, there wouldn’t be nearly as many angels in their home. Their angel-hunting continued year after year to make their collection what it is today.

They attend flea markets, antique malls, auctions, and house sales. Each new purchase is catalogued, but they only count the figurines, ornaments and other similar pieces. Not included are books, towels, table cloths, scrapbooks, napkins, and soaps, to name a few. Joyce’s response to why she is so drawn to angels is that they are “so sweet and darling that they can’t help but make you feel good.”

The Bergs have often come across angels for their collection in unexpected places. One time, they made a wrong turn while traveling in Walsenberg, Colorado, and happened to see the Fallen Angel Antique Shop.