Life Magazine: Angel Collector

Angel Collector

Life Magazine“They make you feel good,” says Joyce Berg of her 11,161 angel artifacts – a figure that doesn’t include her angel books, soaps and napkins.

Overflowing her Beloit, Wis., home, the collection will form the nucleus of an angel museum to be housed in a local church. Which will free up space for Berg and her husband to collect more: “It amazes us that we can still find new things.” Like Elvis and cowboy theme stores, angel boutiques are hot. These days, I discover, I could outfit myself completely in angel clothes, from an angel vest and suspenders to angel boxer shorts. I could flush my toilet with a brass cherub flusher.

I could fill my shelves with angels made of rubber, porcelain, gold, wood, terra-cotta, iron, feathers, plastic, sterling silver, papier-mache’, Chrystal, pasta and bone. I could outfit my computer with an angel mouse pad and angel screen savers. I could wah my hands with pink angel soap, wipe my hands on angel towels, then spray the bathroom with Cherub air freshener.

I could turn on an angel night-light, slip between angel sheets and lay my head on an angel pillow.

If I’m feeling frisky, I could open up Angelic Ecstasy a gift box containing “heavenly music for passionate encounters,” massage oil and “an erotic feather-and-angel ornament.”