Lori Daniel Falk – Original Angel Art

Artwork Installation by Lori Daniel Falk

Lori Daniel Falk - Joyce Berg
On Thursday July 30th. a room full of visitors and volunteers gathered together along with museum founder Joyce Berg for the installation of an original one-of-a-kind Angel Portrait.
The artist, Lori Daniel Falk who is a Mystical Artist, Spiritual Life Coach and founder of the Crystalline Institute created the work titled “Angel of the World” specifically for The Angel Museum.
She created it as a gift for the museum’s tenth anniversary explaining that she felt called to do it as a means of “giving something back.” Indeed it is a beautiful and deeply touching work currently on display in the grotto area of the museum.
Reprints of the original are available in the Heavenly Treasures museum gift shop. You can see an abbreviated video of the presentation on The Angel Museum’s YouTube page.
Additionally, the Beloit Daily News joined us for the event as well. You can read the BDN coverage here.