The National Inquirer: Heavens Above! Grandma’s living with 10,455 angels!

She loves them so much she even dresses like one!

Chris Rodell — The National Inquirer

The National Inquirer: Heavens above! Grandma's living with 10,455 angels!When it comes to collecting angels, Joyce Berg has really earned her wings. She has a heavenly 10,455 figures of angels in her home! “Joyce has the biggest collection in America,” according to Mary E. Mathews, cofounder of the 1,000-plus-member Angel Collectors Club of America. “It’s beautiful — no one even comes close!”

The 62-year-old Beloit Wis., grandmother loves angels so much, she sometimes transforms herself into one. “Whenever I have anyone over to see the collection, I put on my angel outfit with the wings and halo and take them around the house — the angels are in every single room!” she revealed. Joyce began her collection in the mid-1970s on a whim, and it’s steadily snowballed since then. Now it’s worth more then $90,000. “

They’ve taken over our whole home — a ranch house with four bedrooms. And one of my children’s old rooms is now ‘the angel room.’ “It’s just filled with angels — we even have some hanging from the ceiling. “I suppose we have every conceivable sort of angel in the collection. We have angel soups, towels, salt and pepper shakers, lamps, bookends, cookie cutters, dolls — you name it. “We have angels from all over the world.”

One of her favorites is an angel with a horn of plenty, which was made in Dresden, Germany, in the mid-1800s. It cost $525.

She said her husband Lowell doesn’t mind the cherub-filled household a bit. “He’s very supportive.” Her collection is so highly regarded among angel collectors that they flock to her house from all over the country. “I open it up to tours maybe four weeks out of the year,” she said. “Everyone loves angels.

You walk into the room and see faces that are so sweet, it just makes you feel so wonderful!” “People often tell me, ‘Joyce, I saw an angel and thought of you’ — which is a very nice way to be thought of!”