Oprah, Please Come To Beloit

Visit Beloit was notified the Oprah Show is looking to send its cameras to spotlight a one-of-a-kind small town and what better community to feature than Beloit, Wisconsin. We are a One-of-a-Kind Town. Why you ask?  Because we are just this far from Harpo Studios!

Join Us

December 13, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. at The Angel Museum as we video our community to show Oprah we are just a short trip away and well worth the time. The Beloit Community is uniqe in every way, from our small town charm, our get-it-done attitudes, our sites, attractions and hidden gems to a history rich in firsts, we are a community able to rise above adversity and showcase our assets.

Of course the Angel Museum, Beloit’s hidden gem has a direct connection to Oprah as home to her over 600 donated Black Angels. Oprah’s Angels came to the museum in 1998. While Oprah has not yet been to the museum, we hope she does before she leaves the midwest. We want Oprah and her fans who sent her so many angels, to see how well we have taken care of them for her. Since the museum opened, it has seen over 195,000 visitors come to Beloit from every continent in the world and every state in the United States.